Final Resting Place

Depending upon your family’s traditions and the last wishes of the deceased, there are many options for the disposition of your loved one’s cremains. We can assist you with understanding and implementing the options available to you.

Urns and Other Vessels

Many people choose to keep their departed loved ones close to them after cremation. For this purpose, there is an ever-increasing variety of traditional and non-traditional memorial urns available on the market today. Cremains di­vided amongst loved ones are even being placed in specially designed jewelry such as rings, pendants, and bracelets.

Cemetery Burial

Cremains are often interred in plots alongside other loved ones. Many families pre-purchase family burial plots to ensure that departed family members can stay together.


A columbarium is a room or a freestanding memorial structure (located at a cemetery or church) wherein there are several niches or recessed compartments for housing urns. Interment in a columbarium provides an accessible location for family members to visit and pay their respects.


Some families prefer to scatter their loved one’s cremains over a place that held special meaning to the deceased. This is often a place of natural beauty located near a body of water. Many cemeteries have designated scatter­ing gardens for this purpose.