Reasons for Cremation

Maintaining Tradition

Many cultures, especially those found in the east, view crema­tion as the necessary final step in one’s earthly existence. In their view, only after cremation can one’s soul be released to the afterworld. Even today, in our progressive society, many families choose to maintain this time-honored tradition.

Easing the Burden

When death occurs without warning, it is often the case that surviving family members are overwhelmed by the complexity and unplanned expense of funeral arrangements. Cremation can simplify the process and alleviate part of the financial strain. Understanding this, many engaged in the funeral preplanning process choose cremation as a way of easing the burden on loved ones.

Keeping Loved Ones Close

As migration to retirement locations increases and family members relocate in pursuit of new career opportunities, many people are concerned they will be unable to travel the increased distance to visit the final resting place of their loved one. Cremation allows those who have moved away to keep the departed close to them. In fact, it is quite common for surviving family members to divide the cremains—each keep­ing a portion at their home enclosed in a memorial vessel.

Protecting the Environment

As our society becomes more environmentally conscious, many of us feel an increased obligation to do everything within our power to reduce our carbon footprint. This push towards environmentally-friendly practices has inspired many to choose cremation as the “green” alternative to burial in that one’s physical remains, along with any chemicals used in the funeral arts, would not have to be introduced to the environment.