Donald R. Benjamin Jr. 

-Funeral Director & Proprietor

Don became interested in funeral service at an early age. As a teenager, he took a summer job cleaning funeral vehicles and performing maintenance duties for a Catholic funeral home. The summer position grew into a part-time job; and by the end of his senior year, Don felt the calling to pursue a career in funeral service. After graduation, Don enlisted in the US Army where he served as a graves registration specialist and a mortuary affairs officer (the military equivalent of a funeral director).

Don found the experience of accommodating the unique funeral customs of different religions and cultures to be personally enriching and an invaluable component of his education. After three years of military service, Don returned home to serve his funeral service apprenticeship with his previous employer before enrolling in Worsham College of Mortuary Science, in Chicago.

After earning his degree, Don accepted funeral director positions with firms in Arizona, Massachusetts, and New York State. In 2006, he purchased Colucci Funeral Home, achieving his goal of operating his own facility. In 2016, Don decided to embrace his family name and changed the name of his business to Benjamin Memorial Home.