Preplanning Your Funeral

Most people do not relish the thought of death and the reality of their own mortality. However, the fact remains that when the end comes, certain arrange­ments must be made and the expense of these arrangements must be borne. If provisions are not made in advance, the financial burden of funeral and burial expenses may fall upon surviving family mem­bers who may or may not have the proper funds set aside to cover them. When you put funeral preplan­ning into its proper perspective, you find that it is less about death and more about protecting the living and making sure they are financially prepared.

In addition to financial arrangements, funeral preplan­ning also addresses the final wishes of the deceased and ensures that they will be well documented and carried out in the end. Outlining these choices in advance serves to lessen the emotional burden placed on grieving family members who might otherwise be overwhelmed during the final decision-making process.

Benjamin Memorial Home would be honored to discuss your preplanning needs and help answer any questions you may have.

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